Founded in September 2010, BAIC Motor is the platform of Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd (BAIC Group) for complete passenger car resource integration and business development, and is one of enterprises to which the Beijing municipal government offers focused support. BAIC Motor completed its IPO of H Shares on 19 December 2014 and went public in the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK) (H Shares name: BAIC Motor; H Shares Code: 1958).

The High-Performance Chassis
The High-performance chassis is the four-wheel-drive chassis used for the future carline by BJEV, which carries the next generation battery systems to provide customers with a more comfortable and safer green travel experience.
Strong Power
Shaft coupling four-wheel-drive structure, matching 14000rpm dual-motor drive system, providing 360kW peak power and more than 700N·m peak torque for the power output, electric drive system efficiency as high as 93%;
Excellent Control
Double wishbone Independent front suspension + multi-link independent rear suspension, with active air spring and CDC damper, to meet the diverse driving scene, good maneuverability and comfort;
Chassis structural parts and battery hosing using aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and other lightweight materials, through casting, extrusion, welding, riveting and other assembly technology, chassis lightweight level overall is improved 30%;
Battery system using modular fast interpolation process to achieve efficient automation and quality standardization;
Excellent performance
In bottom of the battery hosing, integrated inside liquid cooling system to ensure thermal management performance;
Battery hosing adopts independent isolation design, realizes the district thermal protection, enhances the battery strength and the security;
Battery system integrated Bi-direction charge and discharge module, in the “Optimus Prime plan” achieving battery reutilization;
High Energy Density
Battery system integrates the next generation of high energy density lithium-ion batteries, and the cell energy density is more than 230Wh/kg.

Highly Integrated Electrical Powertrain System
High integrated electrical powertrain system is the future powertrain product of BJEV, which provide the powertrain solution for achieving platform, modularization and integration of next generation of vehicle projects.
High- performance
Peak power 180kW, peak output torque 3265N·m, system efficiency up to 92%, the highest speed of 14000rpm, more excellent the vehicle dynamic and economic performance;
High-power density
Powertrain system power density is 1.8kW/kg, for motor power density it is 3.6kW/kg, in the same weight and volume, provide more powerful dynamic performance for the whole vehicle;
High integration
Motor and reducer in one hosing, motor output shaft and reducer input shaft using coaxial design, PEU integrated with MCU, OBC, DC/DC and other functions, integrated high-performance cooling lubrication system.

The Value Separation of Vehicle And Battery Business Model
Switch To New World
3 Mins Charging 1 Week Driving

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